Hello Reader!

I am in the most elemental sense, a spectator. I feel a special calling to unravel the code – the code of this most ordinary and yet, pleasing life – the one I happen to lead. It seems I am pretty good at stating the problem, much worse at finding a solution, though. Hence, this blog is just a spectator’s diary – I try to write about things I behold while commuting, or walking, or just sitting. 

Doubt is a big part of my life and this blog, too. (As you can probably make out from its title. Unfortunately, I cannot change the url name, so the name “Could I Be a Scribbler” will have to stick.)

I’ve been scribbling since forever, but only now taking the pains to put my scribbles in order on the interwebs, with the sole hope that I can use this material again.

Please feel free to browse through and leave comments (only if you must!)